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Ceramic Ball Valves (G-DCQ Type)

Main features

1、High strength

Ceramic ball valves use high-performance structural ceramics as valve core and lining materials. Flange connection. Three-stage structure design, easy to maintain. Forged steel shell, high strength. 

2、High hardness

Ceramic valve balls are made of zirconia ceramics, having hardness as high as HRA88, second only to diamond. 

3、Corrosion resistance

Structural ceramics have very stable chemical properties for most acid-base materials and have excellent corrosion resistance. 

4、Zero leakage

Ceramic ball valves have a surface contact sealing structure between the ball body and the valve seat. The sealing surface is manufactured by advanced grinding machine and mature technology. The roundness of the ball is high in accuracy, ensuring multiple repeated closures and reaching the American standard ANSI VI level zero leakage. 

5、Low torque value

Ceramic ball valves have a smooth surface of the ball and valve seat after precision grinding. It has a self-lubricating function in the process of opening and closing. The opening and closing resistance are small, and the switch is smooth.  

6、Long service life

Structural ceramics have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and the shell strength of forged steel valve body. Under the same working conditions, its service life is 2-4 times longer than other wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant valves. 

Application areas

Power plant

Desulfurization unit, fly ash, lime and lime slurry, gypsum, filtrate, etc.

Waste incineration

Desulfurization, lime slurry, HCl absorption tower, etc.

Steel plant

Pulverized coal injection, steel desulfurization, lime, silicate, MgO

Paper-making industry

Kaolin, porphyry, talc, quartz, MgO, CaCO3, other paper fillers, bleaching agents, NaOH, filtrate, etc.

Chemical plant

Various acids, metal slurries, organisms, polymers, TiO2 slurries, TiCl4, FeCl2, corrosives, mixed solutions, etc.

Pneumatic conveying

Sand, lime, glass, cement, ore, gypsum, powder, etc.


Amine nitrate, phosphoric acid and phosphate

Technical Parameters

Nominal diameter: DN15~DN250

Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa~4.0MPa

Applicable temperature: -20℃~280℃

Applicable medium: chemical, metallurgy, polysilicon, Lithium anode material transportation and other wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant medium.

PS.Our ceramic ball valve is an industrial valve specially designed for polysilicon transportation, slurry transportation, blanking transportation and other harsh working conditions, and there are V-shaped and O-shaped valve balls for you to choose.

For other sizes and specifications, please contact [email protected] for more information.


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