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Ceramic Lined Straight Pipes For Industry

Main features 

Lined with excellent wear-resistant ceramic pipe, Prolong the service life of equipment. 

Steel pipe lined with full ceramics is designed for long service life and low maintenance cost. And its wear & erosion resistant proper-ties are better than ceramic pipe which is through centrifugal sintering. 

The surface of ceramic lined pipe is smooth and without blocking &corrosion phenomenon. 

Application areas   

Power plant

Ash removal, slag discharge, powder feeding and powder return system

Steel works

Blast furnace coal injection, slag transportation pipeline, steel-making transportation ferroalloy, secondary refining, etc.

Cement plant

Raw material slurry transportation, coal powder transportation and concrete transportation pipeline of production line


Technical Parameters 

Nominal DiameterDN080-DN150  

Bending RadiusR800-R1200  

Bending Angle60°-90° 


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