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A Profession in Advanced Ceramics
As a subsidiary of Johncera Group who specializes in advanced ceramics with 30 years of experience, Johncera Ceramic Valve focuses on manufacturing and supplying ceramic valves for over a decade.
Why Choose Johncera?
Different from other valve suppliers, Johncera is outstanding for its comprehensive knowledge of advanced ceramics. Therefore, Johncera provides customized ceramic valve solutions targeting wear and corrosive working conditions where metal valves cannot cope. Johncera is also able to perform the entire process of ceramic valve production independently. From powder preparation to ceramic sintering, from fine machining to product finalization, Johncera provides full process quality management, ensuring the best protection of your fluid control.
Why Choose Johncera Ceramic Valves?
In applications that metal valves are not functioning well due to their natural properties, the development and adoption of ceramic valves naturally become an alternative to fill the traditional valve's disadvantages.

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