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Why Choose Johncera?

Profession in Advanced Ceramics

Different from other valve suppliers, Johncera is outstanding for its comprehensive knowledge of advanced ceramics. Over the last 30 years, Johncera's talent researchers and technicians have spent a lot of time repeating experiments to explore the possibilities of advanced ceramics. Their ingenuity and experience provide a solid foundation, allowing Johncera to fulfill our customers' needs with the most reliable and innovative products.


Customized Solutions for Specialized Ceramic Ball Valves

Custom valves are often in need when there are special requirements for the production environment or production process. With Johcnera's comprehensive knowledge and rich experience in both the advanced ceramic industry and ceramic valve industry, Johncera can help our customers select the most suitable and cost-effective ceramic materials targeting their problems encountered under various harsh working conditions specifically.


International Standard Compliance

Johncera is familiar with many international standards, including API, GB, JIS and DIN, and has accumulated massive usage cases through co-working with our customers. Johncera's quality management system also follows ISO 9001. Click here for more information.


Whole Process Quality Control

Following ISO 9001:2015 certification, Johncera established a whole-process quality control system that monitors every production procedure, from powder preparation to ceramic sintering, from precision machining to product finalization. Johncera's commitment to quality is embodied in our corporate culture, leaving unchanged for the past 20 years.


Reliable Customer Service

Resolving difficulties customer meets is always Johncera's priority.We uphold a dedicated and responsible attitude, listen to customers' concerns, and provide tailor-made ceramic valve solutions.


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