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Ceramic Butterfly Valves For Indusry

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 Main features

1、Sealing surface is made of structural ceramics which are through arc surfaced contact machining. Compared with conventional butterfly valve, this valve has better wear resistance property and longer service life when used for media with particles.  

2、Adopting eccentric structure, it can reduce friction when valve is open or closed instantaneously.   

Application areas

Power plant

Desulfurization unit, Lime & lime slurry, gypsum, filtrate, etc.

Waste incineration

Desulfurization, lime slurry, HCl absorption tower, etc.


Boiler steam, sea water with particles, high strength particles and corrosive medium

Technical Parameters

Nominal diameter:DN80~DN300 

Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa~1.6MPa 

Applicable temperature: ≦200℃ 

Applicable medium: slurry, pulverized coal, sewage, sludge and other medium.

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