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Three piece ceramic ball valve

Three piece ceramic water valve



Pressure rating: PN 6 ~ PN25

Body material: carbon steel / stainless steel

Spool material: structural ceramic


Advantages of Johncera ceramic valve

The valve core is made of ceramic material, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, excellent sealing performance, anti scaling, sanitary and pollution-free.

Light torque and long service life (up to 100,000 times) The ceramic has self-lubricating and white cleanness. It can be used in a permanently static environment.

★The valve ball and valve seat are precisely matched and ground to achieve zero leakage.


technical data

Connection mode: internal thread

Applicable temperature: - 20℃-280℃

Applicable medium: suitable for various ash powder, water slag containing solid particles, water, oil, gas and other media.

Application fields: blast furnace coal injection system, water supply system


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