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Smart Valve Positioner For Process Automation

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Other standards are available as per customers' request, including ANSI, JIS, DIN, etc.

Main Features
  • Long

    Service Life

    Because of the abovementioned properties, Johncera's ceramic ball valves significantly extend service life and reduce maintenance rates.

Product Details

TZIDC is a positioner with communication capability and electronically configurable parameters. It is installed on pneumatic linear or quarter-turn actuators. It is characterized by small and compact design, modular structure, and excellent cost performance. The control parameters matching the terminal control components are automatically determined by the intelligent positioner, which saves a lot of debugging time and achieves optimal control.

Aerodynamic performance

The I/P module with a post pneumatic amplifier is used to control the pneumatic actuator. The I/P module converts the positioning electrical signal from the CPU into a pneumatic signal proportionally by adjusting the three-position three-way valve. The adjustment of pressure increase or pressure reduction of the actuator is continuous, so an excellent control effect can be achieved. When the set point is reached, the three-position three-way valve is locked in the middle position to minimize air consumption. There are a total of four different pneumatic outputs: single-acting and double-acting, each with "fail-safe" and "fail-lock" models to choose from.


The positioner has a built-in operation panel, two-line LCD and 4 buttons for local parameter configuration, debugging and operation monitoring. Users can also use appropriate configuration programs and operate through communication.


The standard TZIDC has a local communication interface (LKS connector). In addition, it can communicate via 4-20mA signal lines. Both of these communications are based on the HART protocol.

Input and output

In addition to the analog position set point as input, the TZIDC positioner is also equipped with a digital input channel, which can be used to activate a variety of protection functions through the process control system. A digital output channel is used to output alarm and fault information.

Modular design

The TZIDC basic model can be extended by inserting optional modules at any time. It can install analog quantity or digital quantity position feedback module, close module. In addition, a mechanical position indicator, proximity switch or 24V micro switch can be optionally installed to indicate the position without being affected by the function of the main board.

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