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Other standards are available as per customers’ request, including ANSI, JIS, DIN, etc.

Main Features
  • Long

    Service Life

    Because of the abovementioned properties, Johncera's ceramic ball valves significantly extend service life and reduce maintenance rates.

Product Details

SIPART PS2 electric positioner is used to control terminal control elements such as pneumatic linear or quarter-turn actuators. The electric positioner drives the actuator to the valve position corresponding to the set point. Additional input functions can be used to lock the valve position or drive the valve to a safe position. In order to realize this function, a digital input channel has been integrated in the basic product as a standard configuration.


The SIPART PS2 positioner offers decisive advantages:

• Simple installation, automatic initialization

(automatic adjustment of zero position and stroke range i)

• Easy to operate -Use three buttons and a user-friendly two-line display for local operation (manual operation) and configuration -Configuration via SIMATIC PDM

• High quality control comes from online adaptive program

• Negligible air consumption during steady state work

• "Tightly close" function (to ensure maximum positioning pressure on the valve seat)

• "Keep position" function: keep the current position when the power is cut off or the signal is cut off (not applicable to SIL requirements)

• A variety of functions can be realized through simple configuration (such as setting characteristic curves and limit values)

• Extended diagnostic functions for valves and actuators • The linear and rotary actuators use the same type of positioner

• Few moving parts, so insensitive to vibration

• In extreme environmental conditions, an external non-contact sensor can be used

• "Smart Solenoid Valve": Part of the stroke test and solenoid valve functions are integrated into one device

• Partial stroke test, for example for safety valves

• Full stroke test, multi-level step response test, valve performance test, used for valve performance and maintenance evaluation

It can also use pure natural gas, carbon dioxide nitrogen or inert gas as gas source

SIL (Safety Integrity Level)


SIPART PS2 positioners are mainly used in the following industries:

• Chemical/Petrochemical

• Power plant

• Paper and glass

• Water and sewage

• Food and pharmaceutical

• Offshore platforms The SIPART PS2 positioner has the following types:

• For single-acting actuators: aluminum plastic, stainless steel or aluminum housing, and flameproof aluminum housing

• For double-acting actuators: aluminum plastic shell, stainless steel shell or aluminum shell, and flameproof aluminum shell

• Used in non-hazardous locations

• Various types used in hazardous locations

-Intrinsically safe explosion-proof type

-Flameproof -Non-sparking type

-Dust explosion-proof type

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