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JOHNCERA, Custom Solution Provider for Specialized Ceramic Ball Valves

18 January 2021

Johncera valve’s superiority

  • Tailor-made solutions and custom products
  • Quick production and fast delivery
  • Designed for extreme working conditions and special industrial applications

We will create values for customer through streamlining sales operations, improving the design quality, timely procurement, improving manufacturing productivity, and improving maintenance technology.

For special requirements under severe working conditions

Custom valves are often in need when there are special requirements for the production environment or production process. As a professional ceramic valve manufacturer, Johncera provides customized solutions to help our customers solve the problems encountered under various harsh working conditions.

Johncera owns comprehensive knowledge and rich experience in both advanced ceramic industry and ceramic valve industry. With almost 30 years devoting in the manufacturing of ceramic-related products, we are familiar with the mandatory standards and applicable regulations, and have accumulated massive usage cases through co-working with our customers. To develop customized products with stable quality and long service life, to render consultation and support on precise model selection, to debug and maintain the proper use of ceramic ball valves are always our insistence.

Machining most of the engineered ceramics is an arduous task due to their incredible hardness and high brittleness. In order to produce high-quality ceramic parts at a reasonable cost, advanced processing machinery, in-depth understanding of ceramic materials, and skilled manufacturing techniques are the three main factors we must have. 


Johncera, as a team, is composed of technicians and engineers with comprehensive knowledge and rich experience. Together with the adoption of ultra-precision computer numerical control, fine proccessing and fine polishing machines, we are capable of creating the best ceramic products for customers at a competitive price. This is also why we are successful in the past two decades developing excellent technical ceramic components for countless industries.

What Johncera can provide

Ultimate flexibility — Johncera possesses an integrated industrial chain for special ceramic products including powder preparation, multiple molding processes and precision machining. We ensure a flexible and customized solution to serve most suitable materials and down the cost for all the clients.

Competitive price — Advanced ceramic is endowed with unsurpassed performance, and mission effectiveness, thus we are relieved to shift its cost savings to lower price for our customers and the topmost staffs and facilities.

processing procedure

High-quality products — Over 20 years devotion to Johncera brand to be awarded a trustworthy manufacturer in technical ceramics. Efficient output — We are able to achieve all procedures from material selection to final delivery within a short period. Our fastest delivery case was conducted in 15 days only.

Looking for customised ceramic valve solutions? Find us at [email protected].

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