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Why Choose Ceramic Valves?
01 December 2020

In industries where valves applied, the use of metal valves has become as common as the convention. In applications that metal valves are not functioning well, industry insiders are more used to expect that the improvement of metal materials can resolve the issues. 

However, with the continuous development of industrial facilities and the upgrading of standards and requirements, metal materials are not always the best choice due to their natural properties, causing them unable to operate under severe working conditions. 

Therefore, the development and application of ceramic valves will naturally become an alternative to fill the traditional valve's disadvantages. Ceramic valves have the benefits of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high sealing performance, and low torque. Other advantages are listed in the below chart, which compares the four most common valve types.

Why Choose Ceramic Valves?

Johncera is a professional manufacturer of ceramic valves. With almost 30 years experience in the industry, our ceramic valves have successfully dealt with many severe working conditions, such as power plant, waste incineration, paper and pulp, chemical, fertilizer, coal chemical, and petrochemical. 


Looking for customised ceramic valve solutions? Find us at [email protected].

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